Directors Desk

Directors Desk

Dear Students,

I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in the NavSahyadri Charitable Trust’s Institute of Management Science, Pimpri Bk. and our MBA programme. The MBA programme is a recognized qualification that takes your business experience and develops it in a rigorous academic framework, enhancing your ability to perform at managerial level.

It is my pleasure as Head of the NSCT’s IMS, Pimpri to welcome you and to thank you for choosing to study with us at NSCT’s IMS, Pimpri. The Institute has a reputation of offering well taught and practical management courses to students from western India. The programme offered at the NSCT’s IMS, Pimpri are of high academic standard and are taught by experienced staff that have studied and have had exposure to business operations.

The MBA is a powerful tool to help you to take charge of your career but the degree will do you the most good if you have a clear sense of what you want your career path to be and how the degree will further your goals. Especially in this competitive market, MBA applicants who have solid career goals tend to do best in the admission process; they are also most likely to be happy with the outcomes of their degree.

Unfortunately, some MBA applicants try to do things in reverse- they apply to Management Institution before they really know what they want to do in their careers, believing that once they get in, they can figure it all out. That is not the best plan. MBA programme typically don't allow you time or opportunity to change your mind about what you want to study; it is best to know what your career goals are up front.

During your time at our Institute you will have the opportunity to enjoy the many experiences we have to offer, but more importantly, it will be a time for you to develop the skills you are looking for to further your career goals. The skills learnt while studying at our AICTE approved & University of Pune affiliated 2-year post-Graduate MBA program will better prepare you for the day to day problems facing many organisations today. The Institute also aims to provide each student with the chance to participate in the Career Planning Program conducted by our Placement Cell. This Program will give you access to a wide range of employment opportunities once your studies are complete. I am sure you will find the months ahead challenging but also rewarding. This will be your opportunity to 'fine tune' that competitive edge you may be looking for or to simply upgrade your business skills and knowledge. Our programme certainly aims to give you control of your future!

I wish you every success!

Director NSCT’s IMS, Pimpri


11 October 2017


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